About Us

My name is Amanda Martinez; I am the director and founder of MiSueños Kids. For the curious amongst you, MiSueños means "My Dreams” in Spanish. Fulfilling my dreams to create a business that is impeccably stylish, unique, beautifully designed & personal.

This wonderful journey began over six years ago when I finished my degree in Business Management and went on to discover my love for interior design. Although I was presented with the offer to carry on the family business, I opted for my own business venture.

I went on to study Interior design and discovered a passion for drawing. Throughout those 6 years I took on several interior design projects. I spent time designing home interiors more generally, but soon discovered that my passion lay with one particular area of Interior design - Children fantasy bedrooms!”

My Mission

My Company Misuenos Kids design beds and bedrooms which encourage imagination, provide high-quality comfort and bring the family back to "good old” holistic child-centred care (not over-simulating them with technology!). We consider each of our beds & bedrooms to be a soothing and stunning piece of artwork, tapping into a child’s inner imagination and dreams. In this way, ours beds are not only beds, but can be a child’s house, fire engine, princess castle – the possibilities are endless! We therefore provide home furnishings which are not only functional, but inspire your child to play with their friends and sibling, adding to the process of securing bonds and capturing lifelong, childhood-sweet memories.

We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality pieces of furniture – offering impeccable style and unique beauty, which is completely personal. It goes without saying, that the safety of any child is paramount to us. That is why our designs fully explore and consider your child’s needs, routine and environment.

We all know of many parents and families where night time can be an extremely difficult and anxiety-provoking experience for young children (I speak from personal experience). Your child may even be at a stage where they prefer to sleep with you, rather than in their own bedrooms. In these situations, it can be extremely difficult for parents to know what to do for the best. This is particularly as we know that children who sleep on their own are in the best position to harness and develop self-soothing skills and their own sense of independence. Creating this room can be beneficial to both parents and child as the parent get the much deserved rest they need.

At Misuenos Kids we work together on what would make your child’s bedroom becomes their sanctuary - a peaceful place to dream, play, relax - a place retreat to, where a child can feel assured that the people who love them are nearby. The Bedroom is the first real permanent place that they can influence, which is why we involve them throughout the design process. Giving your kids the opportunity to help design a bedroom that is personal them can be hugely important to their development.

It is paramount to us that we are recognised by our mission, that all parents acknowledge the importance of a child's bedroom.

The Inspiration of Fantasy Bedrooms

My brother-in-law explained how he was looking for a bunk-bed for his sons Luke and Jacob but they were either "boring” or "expensive”, and wanted to encourage them to sleep in their own room. That’s where idea came from.

I subsequently went on to research what was currently available on the market and found a gap. Fantasy bunk-beds/bedrooms were either extremely expensive with minimal leeway to make changes or they were boring with impractical additions and the traditional ladder was not children safe. I discovered that there were no showrooms where you could view the beds in London before purchasing them.

For me, it was important to have a shop in order for my clients to be able to touch, and see with their own eyes the products as well as sit down and have a friendly and honest discussion about any modifications they may like to make to the original designs.

Before I started to design the beds/bedrooms , I had a key conversation with this very important little boy.

"Tia, I want a bunk-bed so that Jacob (his younger brother) can sleep with me… but the bunk-beds daddy showed me all has ladders and Jacob might fall down”

"Don’t worry I will make it safe for Jacob. If you could have a bunk-bed what would it look like?”

"I Love Star wars, I want a Spaceship….”

"Ok but a space ship is quite hard for me to design and make, what other fantasies do you have?”


"Fantasy means imagination, when you play with Jacob what do you pretend to be, a sailor, a car racer, a prince?”

"Me and Jacob like to play Knights with our Light sabers”

"So you need a castle if you are a knight?”

"Yes I want a castle, me and Jacob like playing in the shed it’s like our little house”

"What else do you like?”

"I love cars….”

"But if it is a bunk-bed it won’t look like a car it will look like a bus”

"But Tia if it is a Lorry it won’t.”

"You are very smart Luke”

"But if I have such a big bed will i have space to put all my toys?”

"I will find space to put them within the bed…. I will call it storage”

"Tia, it will my favorite place to play because sometimes when it rains or snows I can’t play in shed at the end of my garden. And mummy can’t tell me off for being muddy…. And the best thing is that Jacob can sleep with me and I can tell stories to him until we fall asleep.”

So there it is - my inspiration from my nephew Luke, age 7. The idea of a safe, fun, innovative bunk-bed that transformed bed time from a chore into something to look forward to for both the children and parents. I now design beds/bedrooms to encourage imagination, within a safe environment and used durable materials so that they can be treasured and passed on.

Being from a family orientated background, the most important people in our lives are our children. Providing a safe environment, encouraging them to be as creative as possible and inspiring them to dream is what really matters. As we know, our attitudes reflect in our children's behavior. Therefore it was important to me that my products reflected an eco-friendly attitude.

In addition to designing luxury fantasy beds, MiSueños also design Nursery furniture & sells baby essentials. These are provided by the designers- Paz Rodriguez, Laranjinha, Mathilde M. and Lacinho BeBe - who also reflect my attitudes about safety and imagination.

I have chosen Only the best for our little ones!


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